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Information for Visitors


Chaffey Aged Care welcomes family, friends and visitors and recognises the vital role they play in supporting the resident and the joy they bring with each visit.


Ours is a culture of family and community. We live and work together to make Chaffey a home and the successful organisation that it is.  You are welcome to join in and be a part of our community.  Chaffey Aged Care is "Making a difference in the life of every resident, every day" and we invite you to join us on this quest.


What are the visiting hours

Visiting hours are Tue to Sun from 10am to 6pm unless otherwise negotiated. Please note the mornings are often quite busy.  Lunch and Dinner are 12noon, and 5pm respectively.

What do I have to do when I visit?

Each time you visit you must complete the SINE Pro entry requirements in the front foyer, documenting the date and time of your visit, your name and the name of the resident you are visiting.  You are required to wear your visitor badge onsite at all times.

Can I bring in food for my loved one?

There is nothing like a food treat brought in from home but the health and safety of our residents is important to us and they are the most vulnerable when it comes to certain food options. It is important that all chilled food should be transported in an esky type container and hot food should be kept over 70 degrees Celsius and must be consumed on the day it arrives as our staff are unable to reheat or store such items on your behalf for later for our residents under our Food Safety Program .  Food from outside must be signed in the food register at the back of the visitor sign in book located at reception or notified to staff in the wings. We strongly recommend that you avoid bringing in high risk foods such as cream, eggs, seafood, rice and pasta unless they are entirely consumed during your visit with the resident. Please be mindful as always of any allergies. No frozen food items other than those from a commercially packaged container can be served by our staff. Home cooked frozen meals must be heated by yourself and consumed during your visit.

Can I take my loved one out of the home for day or overnight leave?

We encourage and support respite and permanent residents going out on day leave. Overnight leave is only applicable to permanent residents. Please let the nurse in charge or reception(during business hours) know ahead of time where possible so that medications can be arranged.  Tell the staff when you are leaving in your respective wing. 

Can I bring a pet in to visit?

Bringing a pet in to the facility brings joy for the resident.  Chaffey Aged Care is a pet friendly environment and already has a number of regular visits from pets. Pets should be clean, be free of fleas and must be under effective control at all times and either be on a lead or held whilst walking around the greater facility.  Pets cannot wander freely in the greater facility.  You may choose to let them off lead outside or in your own room but please be mindful of others when doling so. No pets should be left alone unattended in the home.


Can I enquire about my loved one's care?

If you have any questions regarding the resident's care during your visit please direct them to the Registered Nurse in charge or Team Leader on duty at any time or the Clinical Operations Manager or Clinical Care Coordinators (during business hours). 


If you have any feedback or concerns please complete a feedback form, available throughout the home and at the reception area, or leave it in the secure box on the wall beside the reception office door.

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