Covid 19
Thursday 28th April 2022


The outbreak continues to evolve and we are seeing new cases present in care recipients each day. The federal and state Departments of Health and Public Health Units are supporting us.  We will be receiving support in the coming days from Department of Health agency staff and the Australian Defence Force. We are incredibly grateful for this support to get us through these challenging days. 

The total number of care recipients with Covid-19 is currently Four (10).

The total number of staff with Covid-19 is currently One (4).

The total number of staff furloughed is Seven (7)

We will need to prioritise care with our primary focus on medication delivery, wound management, nutrition and hydration.

The following bulletin is the written information provided to each care recipient this afternoon. Click Here to View


Chaffey Aged Care is Currently Classified as an Outbreak.

Within our current outbreak management planning, there are three levels of risk; covid normal, exposure and outbreak.


Covid Normal – this is working with the pandemic orders imposed on residential aged care, together with the community directions and requirements. 

Exposure – An exposure is classified when up to five staff members or visitors return a positive test within seven days.

Outbreak – Where two care recipients test positive in seven days or more than five staff or visitors test positive in seven days.

We have to move to a more sustainable format for visitors, which doesn’t pull our staff away from their core functions of providing care.  To facilitate this long term, we are moving to an honesty system with check-in, access to the facility and covid testing requirements.

All visitors will be responsible for:

  • Only visiting when they are well

  • Continuing to comply with the mandatory screening requirements – SINE Pro

  • Continuing to comply with the conditions on entry which reflect the pandemic orders and are published at each of our main entry points. 

  • Visitors to the facility undertake their own rapid test and record the date of testing.

  • Continuing to wear a face mask inside the home throughout their visit – this is not to be removed at any time.

Chaffey continues to be impacted by the furloughing of staff and at times this may impact the number of staff we have available.  As we have always committed, the care of people comes first, and we continue to work diligently to prioritise the needs of care recipients. Our teams are working incredibly hard, as they have done over the last 24 months, your patience and understanding regarding these challenges are valued.

All visitors eligible for entry must complete a visitor declaration and display a valid visitor badge issued from the electronic visitor management system - Sine Pro. In addition, the Victorian Government has mandated the use of their QR code system (Victorian Service App).

Visitors who are not displaying a valid visitor badge will be asked to return to the screening station or leave the facility. Visitors who do not comply with the conditions of entry will be asked to leave the facility.

Update: 5pm  28.04.2022