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Covid 19
Monday 9th October 2023


Thank you to the care recipients, their families and our community for your support throughout the COVID experience.  We are please to confirm we have been stood down from a recent outbreak.  We are able to return to COVID normal arrangements.  

Lifestyle Activities, Communal Dining and the Cafe are all accessible during COVID normal.  

Periodically based on the exposure and risk elements of COVID in the facility and the risk to our care recipients and staff we will going forward move in and out of swift precautionary measures as soon as practicable when a risk is identified.  We will then communicate the status and the applicable protective wear requirements and or restrictions. This will be communicated to our care recipients primary and secondary contact family member/authorised representative at the time via SMS messages and or email if deemed necessary.  Those without a mobile contact number will be contacted via alternate means or contact number direct.

We are all navigating our way through what COVID normal is exactly like and what it means to the lives and lifestyle of our care recipients, we will always be guided and comply with the Directives communicated to us and required of us by the Victorian Department of Health and the Commonwealth Department.

Where we identify a care recipient as having symptoms they are moved to an isolation status where possible and monitored and tested, where are care recipient test positive they are isolated for a period of seven days and monitored closely.  Visits are possible subject to requirements.

Chaffey Aged Care is Currently Classified as Covid Normal.

Our standard visiting hours to the facility are Tue to Sun from 10 am to 6pm daily and there are no visitor number limitations in a COVID normal status. Further visiting restrictions may apply in an exposure or outbreak situation and in any lockdown situation which we will message via our normal channels.  If you are not a regular visitor to Chaffey it may pay to call the facility prior to attending if you wish to clarify any information.

Within our current outbreak management planning, there are three levels of risk; covid normal, exposure and outbreak.


Covid Normal – is where we do not require masks or other protective eyewear but visitors must complete the entry requirements and where there visitor badge at all times whilst they are onsite.  We currently require daily Rapid Testing for all visitors to the facility unless otherwise signed or communicated.  You may test at home prior to attending and verify your result or we have tests available at the entry point.

Exposure – An exposure is classified when a positive case is identified in the facility within a 48 hour period.

Outbreak – Where two or more care recipients test positive within 72 hours of a given period.

We have moved to a more sustainable format for visitors, which doesn’t pull our staff away from their core functions of providing care.  This is an honesty system with check-in, access to the facility and covid testing requirements.

All visitors will be responsible for:

  • Only visiting when they are well

  • Continuing to comply with the mandatory screening requirements – SINE Pro

  • Not attending the facility if they are a direct Covid close contact for a 5 day period

  • Visitors to the facility where possible undertake their own rapid test and record the date of testing.

  • Mask wearing in a COVID normal status is optional for visitors unless they are visiting a COVID positive care recipient where full PPE is required to visit.

All visitors eligible for entry must complete a visitor declaration and display a valid visitor badge issued from the electronic visitor management system - Sine Pro. 

Visitors who are not displaying a valid visitor badge will be asked to return to the screening station or leave the facility. Visitors who do not comply with the conditions of entry will be asked to leave the facility.

Update: 11pm  18/08/2022

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